An eligible bachelor is a bachelor considered to be a particularly desirable potential husband, usually due to wealth, social status or other specific personal qualities.

Why eligible bachelors look for single women on dating site / app?

They are too busy running businesses to hang out at bars, clubs and other social venues. 2/3 of the time in a day, these eligible bachelor focus on their electric products, like computer, iPad and iPhone, etc. So it’s more suitable and easier for them to look for single women online.

Barely nobody can get big success in their early age. When theses eligible bachelors become successful, they also reach the point where they should find a good single woman to develop a serious relationship and build a sweet family. They are looking for a single woman who is perfect to them, not a perfect woman.

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Featured Members


VIP Member

Rohnert / CEO / 40 / NYC

Athletic, fun loving, gentle. Seeking someone who is lovely, family lover and passionate.

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Rich Bachelor

Palm / 29 / Young Manager / Chicago

Successful in early age. Looking for a sexy, attarctive woman to explore the beautiful future.

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Verified Millionaire

Orlando / 34 / Investor / California

Ambitious. Clean & Neat. I own my own business. I love the beach. She enjoys live music. Loves to Rock

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Rich Men

Cash / Athlete / 29 / Texas

I love to run, travel, read and try new experiences! Looking to meet a kind, mature companion

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Jose / 38 / Entrepreneur / LA

I am outgoing and enjoy travel with someone special. looking for someone who is outgoing, Fearless, Honest, Compassionate, worldly (or open to new adventures)

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Wealthy Men

Harley / 36 / Houston / IT

Diligent, Loyal, Sensually Seductive. Want a lady who is Delightful, Kind, Sweet, Easygoing & Different

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