Favorite Sports That Rich Men Like At Weekend

All luxury things are expensive and are tied to the nobility who is rich, wealthy and powerful. And all rich men, eligible bachelors and millionaires are keen on these expensive life styles to highlight their status and dignity. Besides equestrian, skiing, sailing, golf, mountaineering and scuba diving, they enjoy the expensive, special and niche sports at weekends.

Enjoy these 5 sports, meet and date a verified rich men & millionaire.

#1 Golf

Golf originated in Scotland in fifteenth Century, and etiquette is one of its characteristics different from other sports. Due to the elegance of movement and behavior, Golf is often called "gentleman's sport"; also because of the expansive clubs, venues and other related costs, Golf is also called "aristocratic movement". More and more elites & rich men want to expand their social circle with other excellent celebrities.

When you are interested in golf, you take your chances to get closer to the real rich men.

#2 Mountaineering

Fridtjof Nathan, a famous polar explorer, said: "the salvation of the human soul does not come from the noisy center of civilization, but from the loneliness.” Mountaineering is a new and popular relation. After fully equipped for the climbing including professional skills, complicated and expensive tend, backpack, GPS, GORE-TEX, etc, it’s time to climb. It’s the best way to do some exercises, breath the freshest air, enjoy the comfortable sunshine and contact different people.

While climbing, you can go on conversations with the single rich man about his interests, some personal information, and express yourself to him.

#3 Equestrian

As a stylish and elegant sport, equestrian has been called the "noble sport". Horse breeding, expensive harness and high training fees limit that the ordinary people can’t enjoy this burning sport. Generally speaking, people who earn less than $200 thousand a year are lee likely to enjoy the equestrianism.

#4 Sailing

Sailing embodies the spirit of self challenge and conquest of nature, the idealistic feelings of expressing passion and expressing themselves. Rich men and millionaire are keen on sailing for their psychological satisfaction. In the US, rich and powerful people can buy a NBA team, but he can't rush into the game and become a slam dunk player. But for sailing, after professional training, you can do as a seaman holding the rudder and setting sail in the ocean.

#5 Scuba Diving

Most people understand what is implied by the term Scuba Diving but I wonder how many actually realize that Scuba actually comes from Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Includes information on dive training, operators, boat charter, diving holidays, dive gear, spear fishing and free diving. When easily flapping fins, freely suspended in the water, it’s the most romantic, comfortable and happiest thing in the world with different strange and mysterious deep sea creature around you.

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